About Us

Like so many before us; each of us visited the island of St John. A trip to the beach. Snorkeling over coral reefs. Dinner, drinks and making new friends. The cool Tradewinds rustling coconut palms. It wasn’t long before each, in turn, fell in love with Love City ( aka St John ). But that’s not even the beginning of our story.

What happens when three friends start talking trash!
Our story starts like so many other stories … Three friends sitting around talking about politics and sports and island life. Opinions aren’t in short supply. Ideas get bounced around. The hot topic is the overflowing dumpster at the end of the road. Trash piled high. Useful things. Garbage things. Everything goes in the dumpster. Banter. Banter. Wild solutions get thrown out. Then slowly but surely a solution begins to take form. St John Valet Waste! Next thing you know somebody says “Hey, that’s a great idea!”. BAM!, a business is born. Well, the idea of a business is born.

Build it and they will come!
St John Valet Waste truckWith some resources, business experience, and 3 strong backs we’ve managed to bring our idea to life! Business license in place. Purchase a truck. Form partnerships with other St John businesses. Get the word out. Get our hands dirty. Wash and repeat …! We’d be lying if we told you it’s been easy. But then nothing is easy to build on an island. And as the saying goes …nothing comes easy …! But we’ve managed to successfully launch and build St John’s first and only valet waste and recycling service! Part concierge service ( so you can take a vacation from taking out the trash) and part “green” solution ( waste doesn’t have to be wasted!). So, you’ve read this far. You know a bit about us and what we do. There’s only one thing left to do. Give us a call.