Villa Owners

As a St John property owner you’re invested ( excuse the pun ) in the Island’s reputation and healthy tourism industry. You know the unique challenges that face our island’s infrastructure / resources and your own property maintenance concerns. Guests likely don’t understand that our tropical climate and insect pests mean always maintaining a clean property. And that’s where we can help …

How about a villa amenity that doesn’t cost you a thing?

Sounds great, right?! Promoting our services is a win-win for you and us …and your guests. Just pass along our service information to your guests. That’s all. You don’t have to manage or schedule anything. We’ll connect directly with the guests to arrange payment and schedule our services during their stay on St John. We’ll drop off and pick up our trash bin. No need for you …or the guests … to do a thing.

St John Valet Waste approach graphic

Join in promoting “Green” tourism.

It’s a multi billion dollar business in the States. Companies are adopting “green” eco-friendly solutions. It started with “buy organic/local” and has evolved into almost every sector¬† of products and services available. Here in the US Virgin Islands it means recycling and “thoughtful” waste management. As we all know, islands have limited space and limited resources. Tourists bring their knowledge of recycling with them on vacation. No doubt you’ve had guests ask about recycling. A quick check of some of the popular travel forums indicates that travelers are concerned about their impact on the environment …even on vacation. By promoting our service you can begin to market your own green initiatives.

How do I get started?

That’s easy! Reach out to us for our promotional information. Then add our service to your web site, marketing and booking information. Guests should be directed to contact us directly. We’ll arrange everything … freeing them to enjoy all that a St John vacation has to offer.

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